Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Keeping it Real

Were I ever to become President, Mike (the aforementioned office-mate) would become my Secretary or Minister or Whatever of "Keeping it Real." Now to qualify this statement, Mike is not the sort of person one would immediately assume to be well grounded in normalcy, in the elements of reality which typically pessimistically govern existence.

This is contrary to fact, however, in that Mike is accutely aware of these various physical laws and cynical cultural presumptions - which is what allows him to target them for erradication of sorts (or at least suspension) so precisely. He consciously plies his talents to generate the antithesis to any situation, adding a syncopation to the rythm and cadance of the day. In order to do this he also must be extremely well read and referenced, which he is to an astounding degree. He's seen the movies, read the books, finely examined the Supreme Court opinion on the matter, etc., and thus can work every angle effectively.

He's the last person on earth I'd like to dabate against on any side of any topic.

To point, his comments on my thoughts of professionalism yesterday did manage to give me pause. My view was so effectively limited to my little "woe is me," that he said he refused to post a blog comment on it, so as not to fuel the projected martyrdom any further. Now I suppose, to try my own hand at Mike-ism, I could carry that rythm back into whining about the injury of how he wouldn't post (thus reversing his intent and pushing a little more toward extremity and unreality). I don't do that very well though; so instead I acted somewhat reasonably, took it to heart, and realised that Yes, I can be a microcosmically self-absorbed individual at times.

I appreciate it. I'll learn frm the experience, become a little wiser, and have eyes opened that much further. It also exposed one more area of weakness in expression I need to shore up if I'm ever going to beat him - and his little dog, too.

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