Monday, March 07, 2005

Grand Entrance.

Well, I'm here. Finally trying out what is likely to be a short-lived foray into the blog world. I expect no-one to read or be familiar with this. I can make no warranty, nor have any reasonable expectation that this will be regularly updated.

The nature of the information is also unknown - I don't know what I'll be putting up here. It will be beautiful to me, as an expression of self. It may appear severe, disconnected, outlandish, or completely missing the point. Your point, maybe, but I'm sure it makes sense to me.

But all disclaimers aside my intent is not to offend anyone, be shocking, or whatever. I'll try and make it accessible; there is much to be learned about oneself by attempting the communication.

To illustrate, when starting to talk through a logical component of something with my office mate we'll often turn to one another, open a mouth, say a word or two, and dismiss the issue: the attempt to frame it in a way to be communicated exposes the principal issue clearly enough that the resolution becomes obvious.

And that's a little bit of me, for now. I can make anything sound too complicated. *shrug*

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