Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lessons Learned

Let It Be Known, That:

Even In A Pinch, Despite Mutually Agreeable Holiday Sentiment, That:

Egg-nog Makes A Really Nasty Creamer for Hot Chocolate, and That:

This Use is Not Recommended and May Be Punishable By Blech.

That is All.


Rachelle said...

That sounds nasty. I'm surprised you're even drink eggnog considering what happened last year.

Paul T said...

If you're talking about the food poisoning, that was actually far enough apart from the egg-nog that my brain didn't end up associating them (thank goodness - I love egg-nog).

Also, that was 2005, while I still worked for Overstock. Wow, time flies.

Jayce^ said...

Egg-nog, annually serving mankind as a reminder that anything filtered through old gym socks winds up tasting like gym socks.