Monday, July 16, 2007

In the Can

As of shortly after 7am (MDT), all scenes for Chapter 2 are finally committed to the manuscript.

I tend to work on scenes piecemeal, having broken down the chapter into the events which need to occur to move the story forward, and then refining that into the appropriate narrative context and voicing for the characters and what have you. Usually a small text file for each, edited on the PDA or whatever machine I can get to. Stitching these together and officially adding them to the manuscript document (OpenOffice - don't trust MS Word with something of this magnitude) always leaves me with a little hesitation - once in this form, massive edits become more like reconstructive surgery than sculpting, and is likely to be far messier.

It's done, though, which still sees me making progress of a sort (however slowly). I've allowed a lot of things to interfere with the pace of my writing, and in hindsight I don't know if that's a bad choice.

I'll just keep doing what I can for now, and hopefully the work won't suffer too much as a result.


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