Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I've accepted an offer, and assuming all goes well with the paperwork I'll be starting on the 29th (right after the Memorial Day holiday). I have the next ~2 weeks to spend with family, and barely a care in the world.

And last night - I resumed work on the book.

Life is good. Better than I deserve.


moonrat said...

what's the book?

Tall Paul said...

Not yet ready for public consumption. ;)

I'm only 2 chapters (+prologue) into the first novel of a trilogy dealing with humanity in distress (well, 2 chapters in the can, with a nice full outline behind it all).

Sci-fi allows the tools I need for the setting, and I'm geek enough that I'm putting a lot of hard science behind things.

Semi related: my writing page.

moonrat said...

i understand. nothing i've ever written is ready for public consumption.

Anonymous said...

Why did you pick one job offer over the other?

Tall Paul said...

It was a tough decision - I actually had 2 1/2 possibilities open. One was a start-up, one is gargantuan and established with excellent benefits, and the other was a probable offer for a leadership position.

I've done start-up, and would rather focus on my family.

The good benefits allow me to do that, and by the time the probable offer would have turned into an actual offer, the one in-hand would have expired.

Bird in the hand, and all that. But it's a nice bird, so there are no regrets.

Rick said...

Stock for your consideration...

Just kidding.

Congrats on the job, bro!