Monday, March 05, 2007

Life on the Outside

I'm still having the occasional "less than stellar" day, but that has mostly to do with being out of shape and trying to do more than I once could. The results have been positive regardless, especially the lack of cumulative fatigue from exercise; every day the routine is getting a little easier.

Apparently during the years of reduced activity I relied heavily on my lead foot (right) for support, to the point of neglect on the left. As a result, the muscles in the lower left quadrant of the back are less developed than their right-hand counterparts, and while I'm not limping have still altered the pattern of my gait so as to not aggravate the disparity. This has led to some mild atrophy and loss of flexibility, which I'm attempting to address by altering my walk and intentionally shifting more responsibility off to the left. It takes some concentration, is a little weird, but after a full weekend of activity is already showing improvement.

Opportunities to work on the book remain fairly scarce and typically short, but I'm making progress nonetheless. The last main scene of Chapter 2 reached its conclusion last night, and after a couple rounds of editing will be committed to the manuscript. With a small lead-out scene and a short reflective conclusion I'll be into Chapter 3 where the tension just introduced launches the story forward.

One of the ill effects of being able to think clearly more often, however, is that I've become more aware of the significant amount of editing the book will require in order to have consistent voicing and good flow. I'm reworking some of what I've already penned in the interest of ongoing refinement, trying to fix those problems and concretely establish my own style. I won't go overboard though - I'm not trying to make it perfect out of the box, just correct the most glaring defects.

Obviously I've been continuing in my neglect to the blog (for the sake of the book). I do have some thoughts on upcoming posts though, if anyone would like to vote one way or the other:
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