Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tired, tired, tired, tired, dead.

The worst of the project (which has prevented me from posting regularly for the last 2 months) is finally over. Only a few issues remain, and none of them as painful as any of those which were uncovered during an immature roll-out.

There is no fanfare, no great celebration - I have been able to extract from the execusphere that some form of reward is in the works, but nothing upon which they will disclose or even would like to hint at. This is more information than they wish the troops to have even, which is asinine. We've already lost one high-class engineer to all of this, and I am absolutely certain others are eyeing the door and moving that direction with varying amounts of haste.

My average clock-out time for the last 2 weeks of this was 2am, always starting the next day's work by 9. Monday through Saturday (only had to be "on-call" Sundays).

Even though I've scaled back rather tremendously from those standards to a meager 55 hour week, I'm still exhausted. Near the end I fell ill, probably due to weakened immune system, and haven't slept well since (still on-call, which is used). I'm making simple decisions slowly, can't recall as much, and am probably going to make some large mistakes.

At least it's a 3 day weekend, and "weekend" applies this time.

Enough whining for now.

The extension to all of this is that sleep makes a phenomenal difference - a fact I've already been aware of as the lucky recipient of the Sleep Disorder Lottery. Together with hydration this pair is probably the most crucial and frequently overlooked area in managing energy, health, fitness, and dietary effectiveness.

There are many things I'd like to think I'm good at - but after one or two nights like this they disappear. This is true of everyone, though I don't know how many are really aware of it - how can one objectively assess one's own condition when judgement is impaired?

I look forward to the dawn when I can awake rested. Everyone deserves a good night's sleep.


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