Friday, April 15, 2005


Well, the move was exhausting but simple to execute based on good planning. We're getting comfortable in the new place and doing our best to finish the last of the tidying up at the old one, since we close on that deal tomorrow.

I'm literally falling asleep while I'm writing this, so I'm going to bed. I was trying to do some blitz work to make sure everything was solid to hand off before I go off to vacation next week. But I did that last night too, so I'm really not up to it yet. That, and I don't have PPTP configured just yet, so the VPN is off limits from this machine which I'm still trying to break in and get just how I like it (takes a while to get all the rough edges in any distro to match my idimomatic style). This just means I can't work on anything other than email, but since I'm so tired it does'n really make sense trying to do even that. Oh well, I'll take care of it tomorrow.

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